"I am a firm believer in doing what is best for the people. This is not a political game to me, this is real life, real issues, and real decisions that affect real people."-Uduak Nkanga



In the last 10 years, Texas has the highest percentage of uninsured people in the nation. I want to fight to ensure that all residents have access to a health care system that provides them with the full range of health services. We need to come together and participate in the fight so that all Texans have access to needed healthcare. 

Cost Of Living Is No Longer Livable 


The cost of living is hitting Texans harder than before. I want to fight for providing a living wage for Texas Residents. Our current cost of living does not equate to the States' minimum wage ($7.25). 

It is becoming more and more expensive to live in the state of Texas each year. No one working full time should live paycheck to paycheck. We have to fight for a livable wage for all Texans.


With Texas being one of the fastest-growing states in the country, it pushes a supply and demand on our housing, resulting in higher rates. The need for more housing options continues to grow, while our property taxes also continue to go up.

We can do better by the residents of district 113. We need to advocate for stricter policies when it comes to our housing market, including rent stabilizations to prevent further pushing residents out.  



Our education system is this country's driving force, carrying so much importance. We need to make sure that our public school teachers are being cared.


Teachers are coming out of their pocket year after year to provide the best experience for their students. We need to fight not only for a better wage for our public school teachers but also we need to fight to provide teachers with a budget stipend each quarter.

Racial Justice

We have to make sure we put racial disparities at the forefront of our agendas. There needs to be action behind our words, or it will just be a never-ending cycle of taking "baby steps." 
We have a broken criminal justice system, economic disparities, a financial gap, and more that still needs work. I am willing to fight for racial justice to even out the playing field.